Our Music Selection


Top 40

Love it or hate it,this is what people love to dance to.  You name it and we have it or will get it!  It includes many styles and sounds.  Our goal is to touch on all the styles to keep your dance floor full.

Rock N Roll

Here we have a solid collection from the 70's through the 90s".  If you loved the sound track from Guardians of the Galaxy......ya we go you covered!!



Sock Hop Oldies

You gotta love the energy of the this era.  This kind of music is fun for everyone.  And we know how to work it on the dance floor.

Club Music

House, Techno, Dub...you name it we mix it.  The music has a lot of energy and amazing sounds.  We have remixes and originals that span decades.



Old School Dance

Do you like Disco? and Dance music of the 80's & 90's?  Yup well so do we !!  During this time we played in a number of top Dance Clubs.  At this time we were mixing on Vinyl.

Country Music

This is not one of our specialties, but we do have a great selection.  You let us know the must haves and we will have them for your event.


 Music is PROGRAMMED for you and your guests

Our goal is simply to play music that keeps a dance floor full and people having fun.  You will be asked to fill out a music questionnaire that will highlight your favorite songs in a must play list, other favorites that will be played as needed, and do not plays for those songs that are not your style. 

We have a complete compliment of mood and relaxing songs from classical to contemporary for cocktail hour, dinner, and gathering times. 

The Volume of Our Music

Our sound systems can play for up to 500 people.  We choose the correct sound system for the occasion.  Our basic Wedding and Party system is designed for 50 to 25o people.  Volume is done with great care.  During a cocktail hour it should be heard but not overpowering so people can talk and the same with dinner.  Dance time we do our best to focus the volume on the dance floor to keep the energy up for dancing.