Wedding in the Backyard !!

Great time at backyard wedding in the summer of 2019 with djWBOB.


Bradley and Patricia had the time of their life as the got married and celebrated in the backyard were Bradley grew up. The family was wonderful and I have know them since before Bradley was born. They spent weeks planning and getting things read for the big day. Music was very important to the bride and groom and we sat down together to go over how everything would happen. Happy to say, it went perfectly. I even grabbed some video of them walking thought two lines of sparklers.

This is just another reason I love doing weddings!!!

dj music on a Casco Bay Cruise

dj WBOB & Casco Bay Cruises

Here was my view next to the door.

Here was my view next to the door.

Casino Night Cruise on the Casco Bay Lines with djWBOB. All set up and ready to go. The staff on the boat was great!

Casino Night Cruise on the Casco Bay Lines with djWBOB. All set up and ready to go. The staff on the boat was great!

Just about ready to hit the bay.

Just about ready to hit the bay.

No matter how often I do these cruises and have to lug all of my equipment from the docks, on the boat and some times up stairs, I always forget how hard it was the minute we head out. These evening cruises are so much fun. Casco Bay Cruises does such a great job with the food, drinks and helping out. But the best part is when we fill up the dance floor and dance the night away. Everyone is in a great mood and having fun. Such good times!!!

More Summer Parties, More fun with WBOB

Here are a couple of pictures for parties this summer.

Private Party 2019.jpg
Backyard Party 2019.jpg
Neighborhood Party 2019.jpg

Summertime Parties with a dj are the best. “Your invited to a barbecue that’s start’n at 4” Will Smiths song “Summertime”. Every year we do a number of Family Reunions, Block parties and get togethers. The story is pretty much the same, a warm summer night, old friends and great music. A few cold drinks, great food and a whole lot of dancing. At WBOB we love to do these parties. Life is good. Give us a call to see what we can do for you ! 207-985-4606

Summertime Parties with a DJ

Good times at a 70th Birthday Party

Good times at a 70th Birthday Party

Not every party is a wild one, but this one was no sleeper either. We had a lot of Elvis and the Beatles and some great oldies. With about 50 guests, all who brought food, this was a really good time. Wine, Beer and dancing. The Birthday girl and 3 friends came out in Elvis wigs to Jail House Rock and the dancing was on.

It's a Party!!!

Above is a Dead of Winter Dance Party with our

Super Light Show and Haze

What do parties and weddings have in common?  3 things

  1. People want to socialize

  2. People want good music

  3. People want to dance and have fun

Here is how we accomplish all three things!!

  • We adjust the volume to fit what is going on; dancing, Social hour, and speech’s.

  • We ask what music you like and want played

  • We take requests and have our hard drive full of music along with an online service to get just about anything.

  • We have multiple sound systems and additional light show available for any party, wedding or event.

  • We have an experienced, professional DJ/MC to keep the energy up!!!

  • We are flexible and ready to accommodate your needs.

Kennebunk Beach Back Yard Wedding 2018


Backyard Wedding in Kennebunk

There is something to be said for a backyard wedding. It is close, warm, friendly and familiar. Not too stuffy or steril. This is what I love about them. But, don’t get me wrong every wedding is different and that is what I like about weddings. So lets talk about this wedding. Kelli found me on the web and we talked about all of her plans. We went over how the ceremony would go, the songs she wanted and the timing was important because they had a special ring bearer.


Next on our list was how the reception was going to go. This included introductions, toasts, dances and all the fun things. Finally was a discussion of the music that she and Mark enjoyed. There were only about 60 or 70 guests so they had a small tent set up and the most amazing bar. The bar was a converted horse trailer and extremely well crafted. Below you will find a picture of it. It is called the Roaming Speakeasy.


Getting their Jam On

What a fun group of people!! We play all kinds of music, from the Greatful Dead to Bruno Mars. The evening was great with a cool breeze blowing of the ocean. I don’t think it could have been much more magical than it was that night.


Congratulations to Kelli & Mark on their wedding day 9-01-2018

From djWBOB, Herring Photography and the Roaming Speakeasy.


Wedding Summer of 2018

Barn Wedding

The “Barn at Bradstreet Farm” was off the chain. A beautiful bride, handsome groom and 100 or so fun loving guests. The music was a huge mix,including; Classics by Joe Cocker, Nat King Cole and the Cure. 70’s & 80’s with Hall and Oats, Talking Heads, Queen and Doobie Brothers. Finally a list of the brides favorites from spotify. We were dancing until the last Minute. Thank you to the Soehl family for putting together such a great day!!!

picture by LAD Photography..thank you Loren

picture by LAD Photography..thank you Loren

Planning your wedding music !!!!


We know how to add sound to your wedding.  What this means is no big unsightly speakers, yet you still have relaxing beautiful sound.  No one notices the sound system just the bride and groom walking down the aisle.  Ceremony music really adds to the ambiance of your wedding.  We have a complete selection of processional, recessional and gathering music to set the mood for your dream wedding ceremony.


We also have a variety of event music.  So, when you are ready to cut the cake we have your music at just the right volume for you and your guests to enjoy !!!


So you are ready to dance !  We got ya.  Our library spans just about everything.  We know what people want to hear and dance to.  50' fun  Disco.... yup  Rock and Roll.... not a problem, Top 40 and dance music.... you name it we have it.  But really we know what kind of music to play for two reasons.  Reason number one,  we ask you what you want to hear !!!!  Reason number two,  we are professionals and have played at more than 600 weddings. From fancy weddings to backyard parties and everything in between.  You and your guests will literally dance the night away!!!  

First Wedding in December

Yes my first wedding in December was right hear at the Mount Washington Hotel


I had never been here before.  It was stunning.  You can't see me but, behind the photographer I had set up a ceremony sound system that was small but sounded beautiful for this snowy ceremony. 

This amazing photograph was taken by  AbiElainePhotography

This amazing photograph was taken by AbiElainePhotography

After the Ceremony the bride and groom went of for some private photos and we all moved to the Reception area.  This is actually one of the smallest weddings I have done, with only about 20 people attending.  Below is a picture of our newest DJ set up.  Perfect for a small group like this.

Here the bride, groom and the sister of the bride and her boyfriend have the last dance of the evening. And, lived happily ever after!!!!

Here the bride, groom and the sister of the bride and her boyfriend have the last dance of the evening. And, lived happily ever after!!!!